The Holistic Healer

Man is composed of body, mind and spirit. Taking into account this and the interplay between the man, the environment, emotions and relationships, Dok Jimmy utilizes a holistic approach to healing. He not only heals the body but also the mind and the spirit. For the body he prescribes herbal and food medicines alongside mainstream medicines. For the mind, he teaches yoga, meditation and visualization. For the spirit, he recommends affirmation, forgiveness therapy, laughter and happiness therapy, among others.

Dok Jimmy leans on empowering his clients, guiding them to take charge of their own health while working with the physician, helping the body heal consciously and with optimism. He is also fervent in emphasizing wellness and prevention of disease. He not only includes mainstream or Western medicine but also pulls from the tenets of evidence-based practices in Filipino traditional medicine and alternative medicine. As early as 1980, he has been active in the practice of acupuncture, acupressure and herbal medicine—three modalities that he has found to be both effective and inexpensive to address the health predicaments of clients.

He holds free consultations at the PGH Outpatient Department where he heads the UP-Philippine General Hospital Traditional and Integrative Medicine Clinic. On other days, the clinic is manned by other acupuncturists whom he has trained or have done further study in China.

Dok Jimmy also hosts a daily radio program Doctor’s Orders at DWWW 774 AM wherein he continues advocating prevention, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, every month on a Saturday, he holds free wellness lectures at the Bayan Academy. He has also shared his knowledge nationwide through the many invitations to speak on wellness by both government and private organizations.

In the effort to advance and upgrade the practice of acupuncture, he founded together with other acupuncturists the Philippine Academy of Acupuncturists, Inc., an association providing training and education in acupuncture. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Philippine College for the Advancement of Medicine.

Dok Jimmy is an exponent to the study and practice of Filipino traditional massage or hilot its international recognition of traditional Filipino healing modalities. He likewise served as consultant for the Health Champion of the Philippines Services Coalition of the Department of Foreign Affairs and the International Trade Organization (2005-2006), formulating the design analysis for Philippine ‘medical tourism’ and highlighting Filipino competitiveness in complementary and alternative medicine.