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  • Co-Author, Manual for Leader-Teacher-Health Workers in the Waray language, 1978.
  • Co-Author, Fruits and Vegetables with Medicinal Properties, 1981. Revised 1988. GMT Press, Quezon City. Translated to 2 Philippine languages: Tagalog and Cebuano.
  • Co-Author, Our Health Our Lives: A Manual for Philippine Community Health Workers, 1982. National Ecumenical Health Concerns Committee-National Council of Churches in the Philippines, Quezon City. Translated to 4 Philippine languages: Tagalog, Cebuano, Waray and Ilocano.
  • Co-Author, Chapter 14: What are the Societal and Political Criteria for Eradication? In the book The Eradication of Infectious Diseases, Edited by W.R. Dowdle and D.R. Hopkins, John Wiley & Sons, U.K., 1998.
  • Main Author, A Bottom Up Approach to Bring Health Messages to the People. A Chapter in Part II. Strategies in Practice in the book Risky Ventures: Readings on Communicating Health, Environmental News and Issues, Edited by Valdez V.B. and Fernandez D.G., Ateneo de Manila University, Department of Communication and Knorad Adenauer Foundation. 1999.
  • Co-Author, HILOT: The Filipino Traditional Massage, 2006. Creative Concoctions, Pasig City.
  • Co-Author, Medicinal Fruits and Vegetables, 2008. The Natural Shelf, Quezon City.
  • Principal Investigator, Unwanted Pregnancies: Understanding and Action in Behalf of the Poorest Women in Metro Manila, 2011. Consuelo Foundation, Makati City.

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