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Heidee Exconde, MD

Dr. Galvez-Tan has taught me to have a heart for the poor, that we are servants of our profession and service to those in need is the primary reason why we do what we do. He has shown through his life of service that service to the country comes first, that we go to the poor and use the skills and knowledge we have been blessed with as a physician to provide the care that they need. He has defined what heroic service really is – love for the country, selfless desire to deny the prestige and privilege of the profession and to delve and live the true value of being what a doctor is the passion and compassion for the poor. He has been the voice and advocate for the poor and has truly inspired me to pursue my chosen path of also being in service to my country.

Heidee Exconde

MD Municipal Health Officer
Cajidiocan, Romblon
UPCM Batch 2008

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